A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Delivering meals routinely is a stressful job, especially when you just delivered ice cream to a lactose-intolerant customer for the fifth time this week! Your boss warned you that if you mess up again, you will be terminated. But you ask yourself, "maaan, it's friggin' hard delivering 20 meals per hour, and I can't screw up this time!" So what do you do? What any other radical teenager would do! Whip out your board, ride the blades, and become the fastest, top-tier courier representing Bluebell Bakery in the streets of Empire City! It's going to be a gnarly ride!

Throw your treats at on-coming pedestrians to score points! Whether they're walking, biking, or even driving, they're hungry and ready to eat your pastry's sweets! But watch out, if you ram into someone, it's game over!


WASD - Movement

Space / L-Mouse Click - Throw


Skate n' Bake.exe 3 MB