A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In a hidden village in Japan, ninjas are attacked by demons that want to destroy their realm. The player takes control of the last Ninja, Yurei, who must avenge his village from the malicious demons. The Ninja must obtain the legendary weapon, Mokushiroku, to destroy the demons. However, the weapon is lost in a distorted world controlled by the demons. Before he can obtain the weapon, Yurei must find a forbidden scroll to gain access into the distorted realm. Play as the lone wolf Yurei and stop the demons' reign over your world!

Push against a wall with the arrow keys to wall-jump. Jump atop demons to kill them. Instant action after death, so no loading screens! Obtain the scroll, travel in a dimension that mirrors your own, and obtain the sword to win!


Left Arrow / Right Arrow - Movement

Space - Jump

Credit goes to:

Digital Ruby (Jeff Johnson) for Rain Maker - 2D and 3D Rain Particle System for Unity 2.0.2 and Lightning Bolt Effect for Unity 1.0

High Score, Game Development Society for Ninja Platformer Starter Kit 1.3

G.E. TeamDev for 2D Sky Free 1.0.5


Blue Sun.rar 20 MB